Our Beef

At Sage Mountain Farm we raise all of our cattle on pasture. We believe that animals raised in fresh air and sunshine with room to roam produce the highest quality, best tasting meats.

The Environment:

The native pastures and rolling hills of the Sage Mountain area are a perfect home for our livestock. The mild climate and rich soils support a variety of native grasses and cultivated organic vegetables upon which our livestock feed as they develop into healthy mature beef. Grazing animals are critical to sustaining healthy and productive open spaces, as the grazing process itself contributes to the annual regeneration of many native grasses. Our cattle are raised on pasture their entire lives.

The Diet:

We have 3 different options for how you want your beef:

Green-Fed: These cows are fed a variety of grass and post-harvest vegetables (the veggies with bumps and bruises that aren't quite pretty enought to sell at our Farmer's Markets)

Grass-Fed: These cows only graze in our pastures and are 100% grass-fed

Cerveza Beef: These cow graze in our pastures, are fed post-harvest vegetables (the veggies with bumps and bruises that aren't quite pretty enought to sell at our Farmer's Markets), and the spent grains from local breweries.  Spent grains are the grains that have been utilized to make beer, and would otherwise be thrown out after the beer making process is complete.

Our Cattle:

We only purchase cattle that are guaranteed to be free of synthetic hormones and antibiotics. The following breeds have frequented our pastures:

  • Guernsey
  • Angus
  • Holstein

The Beef:

You will find that our all natural, 100% Green-Fed™ beef has a rich and robust flavor not found in conventional, confinement raised, grain fed beef. Studies have shown that the types of fats found in Green-Fed® meats are much healthier. Green-Fed™ beef contains fewer Omega-6 fatty acids, which are believed to be linked to many diseases of humanity, like heart disease and contains more of the healthy Omega-3 fatty acids as well as beta-carotene and CLA, another "good" fat.

The Market:

The demand for fresh, local meat products (with no taint of industrial processing) is absolutely staggering.

Todays restaurants, local shops, and individuals are demanding local, fresh, clean meat products from farmers they might actually know. That demand now figures into the millions.

Although Sage Mountain Beef is just a small ranch, and cannot hope to feed millions, they are proud to be the start of a new revolution: The Green-Fed™ meat revolution.

Polyface, sustainable and amazing.

An organic "salad bar" for cows.

Unlike most cattle, Sage Mountain Beef Steers get to graze on organic watermelon and butternut squash plants, alfalfa, wheat grasses and other forages. The result is beef that is healthy and nutritious, with flavor and tenderness that can't be beat by most cattle growers.

Always sustainable, always moving forward.

For years, Sage Mountain Beef has brought the organic "salad bar" to the Steers by the tractor load. The next logical step in their beef operation evolution was to take the the Steers to the organic "salad bar" buffet by using portable electric fencing.

After the animals have finished grazing, the fields are then disced and re-planted. This is known as "landscape healing". "Polyface", sustainable and amazing, that's Sage Mountain Beef.

The Polyface way.

IN 1961, William and Lucille Salatin moved their young family to Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, purchasing the most worn-out, eroded, abused farm in the area near Staunton.  Using nature as a pattern, they and their children began the healing and innovation that now supports three generations.

Disregarding conventional wisdom, the Salatins planted trees, built huge compost piles, dug ponds, moved cows daily with portable electric fencing, and invented portable sheltering systems to produce all their animals on perennial prairie polycultures.

Today the farm
arguably represents America’s premier non-industrial food production oasis.  Believing that the Creator’s design is still the best pattern for the biological world, the Salatin family invites like-minded folks to join in the farm’s mission:  to develop emotionally, economically, environmentally enhancing agricultural enterprises and facilitate their duplication throughout the world.

The Salatins continue to refine their models to push environmentally-friendly farming practices toward new levels of expertise.

So does Sage Mountain Beef.